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New IITs Rankings 2012 - 2013

  • Tuesday, 4 December 2012
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  • It's just been 4 and a half years (3 and a half for some), when these new IITs were established and these institutes are really busting the myth that's been buzzing around since the inception of these new IITs. Although these institutes lack infrastructure and some facilities, still these IITs are standing up to the expectations of the companies and in many cases these are also doing well as compared to some of the older IITs.

    New IIT location all IIT location

    Although, the new IITs will take enough time to level up with the standards of the older ones, but the effort seems to have started. The new IITs will take atleast 2-4 years to come up with their new campus and better facilities and will take more time to set their culture. The new IITs set up in 2008 were IIT Hyderbad, IIT Ropar, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Patna, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Bhubaneshwar. The other new IITs inaugurated in 2009 were IIT Indore and IIT Mandi.

    Its the first batch of IIT Indore and IIT Mandi that will get placed this time, but other new IITs that were set up in 2008 surely have an advantage over those set up in 2009 as one of the batches from these IITs have already been placed. Last year, the new IITs saw good placements even though it was their first time. The highest package among these was bagged by three students of IIT Ropar, who got a package of 80,000 $ amounting to almost 40 lakh INR. The next highest payed student among these new IITs was from IIT Hyderabad who got a package of INR35 Lac.

    The average package in these institutes also fluctuated between INR7 lakh to INR9 lakh. Other institutes, namely IIT Patna, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Bhubaneshwar also did well in placements. The students also received PPO's from various companies during their intern itself.

    This year the trend is almost the same. This year, till date (December 4, 2012) highest package among the new IITs has been offered to two students of IIT Ropar. Epic Systems offered a job offer with a package of $105,000 , equivalent to INR57LPA to two students of IIT Ropar. Similarly IIT Hyderabad has been doing well and so is the case with IIT Patna and IIT Bhubaneswar. IIT Patna has had offers from Microsoft which gave a package of INR16LPA to 6 of its students. Students of IIT Jodhpur were also recruited by Microsoft at INR17LPA. Other companies that will be visiting IIT Jodhpur campus soon are Morgan Stanley, National Instruments, L&T.

    Based on these facts, we have the ranking of new IITs as under -

    1. IIT Ropar
    2. IIT Hyderabad
    3. IIT Patna
    4. IIT Bhubaneswar and IIT Gandhinagar
    6. IIT Jodhpur
    7. IIT Indore
    8. IIT Mandi

    IIT Indore and IIT Mandi also have the potential to grow as the new ones, but this, being their first time, is their time to struggle a bit and achieve what others have achieved.

    *NOTE: The rankings are based on the above data collected from various sources. The data is just a source of information and no survey has been done to collect this information. It represents only our views on ranking.

    7 Responses to “New IITs Rankings 2012 - 2013”

    Amit Fenn said...
    18 April 2013 10:43

    This is a job placement study.. You arent looking at admission to colleges for masters or PhD.

    This study is incomplete. Incomplete studies should not publish rankings.

    Avinash Yadav said...
    23 April 2013 10:54

    keep it up! iit ropar and patna ! hats off's to u yar!

    PJ said...
    22 May 2013 00:09

    for those who are wondering where is ropar...it is only 40 km away from Chandigarh(1 hr bus ride)and surely is the best among the new IITs...

    for more info see...

    Apurv Verma said...
    22 May 2013 09:26 This comment has been removed by the author.

    Alnino90 said...
    2 June 2013 16:12

    For the Author : Just to get your records straight, the highest offer made to IIT Hyderabad Student for the year 2012 was USD 110,000 (Google).

    P.S : IDNGRA to your ranking !

    Kamal Samariya said...
    30 June 2013 15:27

    how can you rank colleges just based on placements?????
    1. IIT Hyderabad highest offer was USD 110,000 (Google) and in academics iith has most ug, pg, research programs , most faculty and best research facilities.
    2. IIT Mandi has placement statistics similar to IIT Indore but Mandi has its own campus also.

    so the revised ranking should be
    1. IIT Hyderabad
    2. IIT Ropar
    3. IIT Patna
    4. IIT Bhubaneswar and IIT Gandhinagar
    6. IIT Jodhpur
    7. IIT Mandi
    8. IIT Indore

    way2 college said...
    25 April 2014 15:08

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